Powering Businesses
For The New Age

Since 2014, we're helping businesses by bridging the technical gap between Automation, Media, Tech & E-Commerce.

We're transforming businesses
by automating tedious processes, thereby
increasing profit margins and reducing recurring costs.


Software Development

We develop secure multi-platform softwares and apps in modern frameworks

Server Management

We install, manage & automate servers for apps, websites and industrial databases


We build custom E-commerce platforms & extend stores running on existing platforms


We automate tedious tasks & processes saving you time & ofcourse, money!

AI/Machine Learning

We design machine learning algorithms for businesses to capture, analyze and understand crucial data


From running social media campaigns to getting a great ROAS, we do it all

Web Development

We build responsive sites for the next gen, utilizing modern web technologies

Crypto & NFT's

From building a new crypto currency to running contracts on smart chains, we've a dedicated inhouse team assigned for next-gen tech.


Multi platform,
VR Game

(Initial Stages)
  • Bootstrap
  • MindFuzz Studios
  • 1w ago

Payment automation for Restaurants

(Testing Phase)
  • Bootstrap
  • MindFuzz Studios
  • 2m ago

Logistics Automation,
For Shippers

  • Bootstrap
  • MindFuzz Studios
  • 1y ago

Stock SEA Music Platform for Advertisers

  • Bootstrap
  • MindFuzz Studios
  • 2y ago

Fashion ecommerce store handling over 10K orders a month!

  • Bootstrap
  • MindFuzz Studios
  • 3y ago

Meditation App with over 1M downloads on App Store

  • Bootstrap
  • MindFuzz Studios
  • 5y ago

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